How would you like to be playing in as little as 12 weeks?

How can we help you come back so fast? It is about correcting the force loads on the body. The ARP works on both the physiology of the problem and the nervous system problems that caused you to overload the tissue to start with. With the ARP wave we are able to begin therapy immediately after surgery. Swelling protocols will bring down any swelling while increasing the blood flow to the area. This rapidly allows you to start healing. You will sleep with the ARP on which will provide 8-9 hours of nervous and circulatory stimulation. We will have you undergoing 1-2 hours of daily exercises as well.

So when you are looking at your recovery, think about this – would it make more sense to start with 10+ hours of daily therapy, or 2-3 hours a week with home ice and anti-inflammatories (which slow the healing)?

With your daily ARP wave therapy you will eliminate the atrophy of your quads that typically occurs after surgery. Here is a copy of our ACL Post Surgery Recovery Study.

After your 30 days of post-surgery home therapy we will take you through ARP Waves proprietary Neuro-Therapy program. That will include about 20 sessions designed to find your compensation patterns (the source of your problem). This process will correct your movement and retrain you to use the muscles properly. You will end up stronger and able to absorb force more effectively. As we test your ability to absorb force you will realize how you can get back to the field in record time!


  • Immediate control of swelling
  • Increased blood flow to the area
  • Eliminate atrophy of muscles
  • Correct neurologic dysfunctional patterns
  • Rapid progression to more normal function

A typical Post-Surgical ACL rehabilitation process is a lengthy one

Return to sports and activities takes months--progression depends on completion of one step, before advancing to the next step. During surgery to repair an ACL tear, they use a graft, either a frozen sterilized graft, human graft or animal graft; depending on the type of graft used it would determine the rehab program, limitations and could created added time onto the healing process. Typical ACL Rehab programs are broken down into biweekly timelines and if the goals for each stage are not met then progression is delayed due to the repetition of exercises for such phase. As a patient you aren't even allowed or capable of being at full weight bearing status without aid or difficulty until week 6 of your rehabilitation process. With the ARP Wave rehabilitation process we have you playing without restriction in as little as 12 weeks!