The ARP Wave experience

Sessions 1-4

Each session will start with muscle testing to make sure the muscles are getting proper neurologic signaling. This is called “in balance” and is critical to ensuring the brain and body are communicating properly.

This portion of the treatment does not focus on strength, but ensuring that the muscles are receiving the correct signals to turn on fast enough to absorb force.If an athlete fails this test, we will utilize the appropriate protocols to correct the connection to those muscles so they can become responsive. After a re-test it is obvious the body is now communicating more efficiently so the treatment is ready to proceed. This step of the process takes about three minutes.

We then begin the ARP wave “Search and Destroy” procedure. The patented high-frequency wave forms of the ARP wave unit will pass freely through healthy tissue but are hindered at sites of scar tissue buildup, inflammation and myofascial dysfunction. These “hot spots” are caused from the dysfunctional tissue allowing sodium and potassium leakage from the cells.

Once we find these areas, we will know where the origin of the problem is located and can fix its root. With physical therapy, the end point of the injury is treated, but not the origin. In order to avoid this mistake, during the first visit we will place the biceps tendon back into its groove and couple this with the breakdown of scar tissue and sodium potassium leakage. You should expect to see a very significant decrease in pain after only the first session, as well as a marked increase in range of motion. Typically, we will get you back on the field in under 12 days!

Sessions 5-10

After the first four sessions of the Search and Destroy process, patients should have full range of motion and be 100% pain free. At this point, we are prepared to break any biomechanical compensation patterns. Since this is a neurological issue, these compensation patterns cannot be broken with physical therapy. Our goal is to neurologically “rewire” your biomechanics via the ARPwave machine and our proprietary exercises. These exercises will help train you to throw and move correctly in order to prevent the injury and symptoms from occurring again. After these sessions, the muscles will be absorbing the force caused by your throwing motion, eliminating the chance of injuring your ligaments.

After you complete the 10 sessions, you can return to baseball and throw with 100% effort and power. It has also been observed that throwers are throwing harder and for longer durations immediately after the full treatment protocol.

Sessions 11-20

For the final 10 sessions of the treatment plan, we will be focusing on building strength. This exercise protocol can be coupled with your baseball activity so you can neurologically strengthen the muscles that have been dormant for months or even years as a result of scar tissue accumulation. This portion of the program is absolutely essential, as it ensures that you achieve the long-term ability to throw at your maximum potential.


You will Feel Better Your VERY First Session… GUARANTEED. Or you pay NOTHING!

n your very first visit with us we will locate the origin of your symptom, take you through a treatment, and at the end of this session, you will have increased your range of motion by 25% and seen a similar reduction in pain- GUARANTEED. If you don’t think that we can HELP YOU to eliminate your elbow pain, you pay NOTHING.
We are that confident.
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In consideration of our therapists and other clients, please give us a 24 hour notice of any cancellation. A credit card is required to secure the Risk Free Appointment. No shows will be charged the full session price ($140).