What do people say about the ARP Wave Treatments

  • Hannah Tavaris

    Hannah Tavaris

    Years of shin pain gone after one treatment!! Being a collegiate runner puts a lot of strain on your legs. I have been running for seven and a half years and I started developing shin pain my sophomore year in high school. I learned how to manage my pain but it would always come back. I started going to Dr. Calhoun so he could adjust my pelvis. This along with various taping techniques was the first treatment given to me. This helped but not for long my sin pain came back at its worse. At this point Dr. Calhoun suggested the ARP wave. I was told I was going to have to take five days off at the start of treatment. This was better than the six to eight weeks I would have to have taken off if I continued to run. Day one of treatment I was asked to run in the hall until my shin hurt. It was on my first step that my shin pain was at a seven out of ten on the pain scale. After this first treatment I was asked to again run in the hall. To my amazement I was able to run up and down the hall with no pain in my shin after just the first treatment!! After five treatments I could start to ease my way back into running and after seven treatments I was back to running fully with out any pain!!! The ARP wave treatments are INTENSE it is almost impossible to mentally prepare yourself for the sensation of the ARP wave. Although once your done you feel AMAZING!!! The short time spent in mild discomfort is nothing compared to the feeling of having no pain while doing daily activities. It is important though that you eat more protein then you normally would in order to recover faster and feel better!! It is crazy how fast you can get back to feeling 100% by using the ARP wave. Thank you to Dr. Calhoun and the leading edge rehab folks!!

  • Walter Dix

    I tweaked my hamstring in the Olympics and was told I would not be able to run the 200. I was devastated but a team mate told me about the ARP Wave system. After going through 4 sessions I ran my best time and got the bronze medal in the 100 and 200″ Walter Dix

    Walter Dix
  • Santana Moss

    Santana Moss

    “The ARP Wave System has been GREAT for me, anytime I had something minor or serious, they always came through and helped the healing process…”

  • Dwight Freeney

    “I have missed only ONE game in FIVE years playing in the violent NFL. The ARP Wave System has kept me on the field and helped me recuperate from an injury in time to play in the Super Bowl”

    Dwight Freeney
  • Edgerrin James

    Edgerrin James

    Edgerrin James sustained a Grade II hamstring tear and was not expected to practice or play for weeks.
    In 4 days after 10 treatments with The ARP Wave System, an MRI confirmed no more tear. Thanks to the same system that we use at “Leading Edge Rehab and Performance”, he did not miss a game…

  • Tim Thomas

    Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins, received the Vezina Trophy for “Best Goalie in Hockey” a year after hip surgery. In his acceptance speech, he thanked The ARP Wave System for allowing him to fully recover from his hip surgery, and for increasing his athletic performance immensely.

    Tim Thomas